TikTok Pakistan’da ‘ahlaksız’içerik nedeniyle yasaklandı

TikTok Pakistan'da 'ahlaksız'içerik nedeniyle yasaklandı

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority blocked the video-sharing app TikTok on Friday for “immoral and immoral” content.

According to a press release, due to “complaints” and the “nature of content that is consistently posted on TikTok,” the PTA has given the app “final notification”.

The PTA said it has given “significant time” to respond to TikTok and comply with instructions to effectively moderate “illegal online content”.

“However, the application did not fully comply with the instructions, so instructions were given to block the TikTok application in the country,” the statement said.

TikTok has been informed that it will review its decision if the authority determines that it is “open to engagement” and that a “satisfactory mechanism” is being used by the video-sharing app to monitor “illegal content”.

Minutes after the news broke, the app started showing a blank interface with no text or images loaded.


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